Information on Court Marriages – Mumbai

The Law

On the 13th of February, 2006, The Supreme Court of India ruled that all marriages, irrespective of their religion, be compulsorily registered and directed the Centre and state governments to frame and notify rules for this within three months. A bill was passed in the Parliament to this effect, Read Here.

The Indian Christian Marriages Act of 1872 also demands for compulsory registration of marriages. Accordingly entries are made in the marriage register of the church, soon after the ceremony along with the signatures of the bride, bridegroom, the officiating priest and witnesses.


Undoubtedly the compulsory registration of marriages has got many advantages.

  • As the married couple would be given a Government certificate as marriage document, it would become an undisputable valuable evidence of marriage.
  • It would also double as valid evidence while accompanying wife/husband to foreign country. It would also facilitate the easy processing of passports and visa.
  • It helps facilitate easy name change process.
  • When a person happens to die without nomination for bank deposit or life insurance policy, it will be helpful for the husband/wife to get such money.
  • Since the Registrar is supposed to verify whether the marriage had in fact taken place in accordance with the personal law applicable to the spouses, he would have to specifically mention in a special column the presence of the spouses before issuing the marriage certificate

For court marriages of christians the forms are available in Mantralaya, 2nd floor, the contact person is Mr. Ramesh F D’souza, 2nd floor, Finance Dept, Mantralaya. The forms are available between 2:00pm to 4:30pm. The marriage date is fixed after 7 days of submitance of duly completed forms. You also have the liberty of selecting a date as their is not much rush over here. On the allocated date post signing we have to pay the department Rs.150/- only. Marriage certificate is provided on that very day itself.

Here is the process that was followed by Mr & Mrs Savio and Juliet Henriques in getting their marriage certified

We went to the Archbishop House at Woodhouse, opp. All India Lawn Tennis Association, Colaba. There we met Msgr. William Nazareth (the sister at the reception will guide). He attested the certificate immediately and gave us the name and address of Mr. Ramesh Dsouza at Mantralaya. We went immediately to Mantralaya, took a gatepass (ID proof compulsory) and waited in a queue to enter inside since they are open only between 2:00pm to 5:00pm. There we went to the 3rd floor office of Mr. Dsouza, he immediately signed on the backside of the church marriage certificate and directed us to Mr. Sawant on the same floor, who in turn stamped the seal of Govt. of Maharashtra, Marriage Registrar, and we were told that the certificate is now valid for all government and official purposes.


171 thoughts on “Information on Court Marriages – Mumbai

  1. Please let me know on the documents which I need to submit with the application form at mantralaya.
    I have the church Marriage certificate with me and need to register my marriage.

  2. Hi Franklin,

    U need to meet up with Mr. Ramesh Dsouza, take the form for marriage registration and then attached your church marriage certificate to it. So your marriage will get registered in court.

    incase have any query join- we can discuss over thr or just call me on 9833961636


    Moses Gomes

    • hi

      We live in Muscat and were married in January 1997 in Mumbai and we have not yet registered our marriage in Mumbai. Could you please let us know what are the documents required and where we have to go for the registration Is it in Bandra. Also can we get forms online.

  3. hi there ,

    i got married in mumbai 3rd jan 2009 and got a married certificate from the church and then got it attested through Mr. Ramesh F D’souza, 2nd floor, Finance Dept, Mantralaya. my question is that is this certificate valid for any future government legal documentation .

    i am in Dubai and planning to get my wife here so thata the reason i am worried .

    thank you regards

    xavier dcosta

  4. well pls tel me what all documents are have to be submited for marriage since me & my girlfriend are of the same caste only culture is diffrent .will there be any letter send to our family from there before our marriage?

      • Hi Moses

        I, Mishelle Fernandes will be getting married in May 2012 between 11 to 16. I want to know if the court is open in May as this is very urgent for me to know. If the court isn’t open in May then whom can I meet to get this done as I need to do my passport also to go abroad. Please provide me with the information. Thank you very much.

  5. Hi Moses.

    Thanks for the reply…..
    can u pls tel me wht kind of details u want,
    so tht i can send it to u.wel actually I’m a mangalorien
    & she is a malyali from karala we both r from the same parish
    we both r catholic but her mom & bro… r against r marriage wel may be boz i earn less.i jst read an artical in our church
    tht we get a form in mantralaya for catholic marriage,
    but they hv not mension what all document r required & the charges r also nt mension.pls tel me wht should i do.


    • Goden,

      Well as long as both of you are Roman catholics, you can get married, provided both of you are in the age bracket specified by the govt.

      No letter is sent to the families, but the letter that both of you are getting married is hung in the matralaya notice board for 7 days prior 2 ur marriage.


      Moses Gomes

  6. Pls help i need to knw, is it necessary to get married in the church first to obtain a court marriage certificate??????since i am getting married in Dec 09 and i need to register it first in the court…..

  7. Hi Christina,

    U don’t need to get married in church first. Both marriages are different and the dates will be different. U can get married in court in next week itself and then get married in church on the designated date. If you register in court u have to get married within 2 weeks, else by the end on 2 months ur registeration will expaire and then u will have to re-register.

    Give me a call if u have any doubts.


    Moses Gomes
    +91 98339 61636

  8. hi moses ,

    just wanted to know whether can we do the court marriage before the church marriage which is in dec 09 … we wanted to get court married on the 6th of sep 09 as its a speical day … pls do let me know and what certificates are required



  9. Sure you can do court marriage before church marriage. Incase you are eager to get married on 6th sept then visit matralaya for the forms and submit it with the required details. Also after submitting Mr. Ramesh will give you a date after 7 to 10 days when you will sign the register, alternatively you can also suggest a date.

    In case of any queries, give me a buzz.


    Moses Gomes
    +91 98339 61636

  10. hi,

    What are the documents required for court marriage if both the parties are Catholic, and how long does it take. Is it possible to get it done on urgent basis.


    • Hi Renny,

      It takes not more than 7 to 10 days to get married in court. Can get in touch with Ramesh dsouza for the forms.

      Doc reqd

      Ration card xerox
      Birth certificate
      Passport/PAN card xerox (Photo ID proof)



  11. Hello

    I have got court married in Mantralaya on 23rd July 2009 and Mr. Ramesh Dsouza helped us thorugh it

    I am currently working in Oman and my husband is also not in India. We plan to get married on 29th Dec 2009 in Holdy Trinity,Salcette in Goa and with so much of documentation to be done as per the church rules had to get court married before the church wedding and now the priest demands original marriage certificates .he refused to accept the copies. We have laminated our marriage to avoid any tear and wear of it and he refused the laminated orginal marriage cert and should reach by September.It is physically impossible for me to come down and appy for them but i can post the required details and the money.Instaed of understanding the priest will cancel our wedding and i am very depressed as everything is booked and i have saved up just for the wedding

    Please Help



  12. Sorry here the continuation,

    well v vl try to pitch to other members from Goa who can help us out in this situation.

    In case have any problem giv me a call.


    Moses Gomes
    +91 98339 61636 (Prefer calling 10:00am to 5:00pm IST)

  13. Hi,
    I am married in the church in 1998 and want to register my marriage in the court as well. Pls let me know the procedure and the documents required..

  14. Dear Sir,
    We are Christians and would like to know the following:
    Who is the person to be contacted in the Mantralaya Nariman Point and which floor?
    What documents are required for the marriage of my son?
    How many days in advance must we inform Mantralaya for the marriage.
    What is the time we have to be present for the marriage?
    Mrs. Noronha

  15. Hi Seriya,

    As have mentioned in the blog, you have to get in touch with Mr. Ramesh D’souza. Even if your are married in 1998, you have to register in the court of law.

    Photo copies of

    Birth certificate
    Ration card
    Electricity bill/telephone bill/address proof
    PAN card/ photo id proof

  16. Hi,
    We are Christians and would like to know the following:
    Who is the person to be contacted in the Mantralaya Nariman Point and which floor?
    What documents are required for the marriage of my son?
    How many days in advance must we inform Mantralaya for the marriage.
    What is the time we have to be present for the marriage

  17. Hi Bernie,

    Here r the answers:

    – Ramesh Dsouza, finance dept, matralaya monday to friday 2pm to 5pm
    -Birth certificate, electricity bill/telephone bill, ration card and PAN card
    -once the filled up form is submitted within 7 days

  18. Hello Moses

    I will be getting married in Mumbai in Jan 2010. To get married in court, will it be possible for us to book a date in Jan 2010 before the marriage

    Also, when we get the forms from Ramesh, do we have to submit the documents then or when submitting the forms and booking the date for marriage we can submit the required documents. Do the documents have to be attested copies or originals and if attested, by whom?

    What are the timings for submitting the forms and booking the actual date of marriage. How long after the marriage will we get our marriage certificate and any other documents that we may need for applying for visas to other countries. Thanks

  19. Hi,

    I think it would be difficult, but still you can request to Mr. Ramesh Dsouza. If he agrees nothing like it.

    Documents I have already suggested.

    You can go with all your documents and submit the filled form on the spot. On the assigned date you just need to sign, and after that you vl get ur certificate in 5 minutes.


    Moses Gomes

  20. Hi, I am getting married in church on Feb 2010. Is court marriage actually required since you have mentioned above that after church wedding we sign the church register also which is a legal and valid document

    • Hi Denzil,

      The church document is not valid, you have to get married in court before the law. You can either get married in court before your marriage or after, it makes no difference as the church marriage is not valid.

      Incase you hav any more queries can give me a call.


      Moses Gomes

  21. Hi, This blog is awsome for people to get their info, need some help if the form to be submitted can be found online.


  22. Hi,

    Please could you Help me out on….I would Need to get married in Court by November…as my fiancee will be comin down to Mumbai from Canada on the 9th of November but will be Going Back in Jan…
    Is this Enough time to Get married in Court ? we are both Christians ..please do let me know whats to be done

    • Hi Joel,

      To get married in court @ mantralya won’t take more than 7 to 10 days.

      So don’t worry, just get the forms as I have mentioned, fill it and submit.


      Moses Gomes

  23. We are both catholics and I want to know that Relation within 3 degrees of collateral line marriage i.e. (Uncle-niece) if already married in court on 14 Dec 2006 (but not registered in court) and wants to get married in goa church (Old Goa) what are the documents required for us to get married in Goa church.

    How to go about the same. please let me know.

  24. Hi Gracy,

    As per the church order of Goan churchs you have to submit documents of court marriage. Only then you can apply to get married in the church.

    I really don’t have much idea, but birth certificate, court marriage certificate, photo id proof and address proff is required.

    You have to call the church and check out for documents.


  25. Moses,
    I am catholic divorce with civil as well as church annullment too,
    while my fiancee is civil divorce but church anullment of second instance is pending in Goa Tribunal.
    It almost nine months and case is not yet taken up in goa tribunal.
    Is there way we can register marriage in Cathlic Church that I wish.
    Option II- is above registered marriage but is there will be problem in church accepting us during child birth baptisum etc

    • Hi Fran,

      I really much less idea on this, also m not able to understand your case properly. But I think you can get married in court, but church marriage might not be possible, since you have to get all the clearences, which will effect your childs baptism.

      So first get it cleared in church, n then get married.


      Moses Gomes

  26. Hi Moses ,
    I am getting married on Dec 13th in mangalore. I am presently working in mumbai . My fiance is working in Dubai and will be coming to mumbai on Dec 4th . With all the wedding preparations , it will not be possible for us to have the court marriage before our church wedding . My fiance will be returning to Dubai in the second week of Jan 2010 .
    Is it ok if we collect the registration forms after he arrives in December and then have the court marriage , after the church wedding ? My parish priest insisted that we have the court wedding before the church wedding . But after reading the comments above , it seems like its ok to have it later also .

    Please conifrm . Thanks.

  27. Also , What are documents in addition to the Church Marriage Certificate ,i’ll require to Produce at the time of court marriage ? I am a resident of mangalore and after marriage will be residing in mumbai .

    • Hi Divya,

      Have mentioned te documents in my post.
      Well I suggest you to take the forms from ramesh dsouza from mantralaya, fill the form and submit the form. You can courier the form to your fiance, so he can sign and courier you back. Post that with all the relvant documents submit the documents and request him for a date around 4 to 6th of dec 09.

      So you can get married before your church marraige.

      Altenatively you can get married after church marriage also.

  28. Hi Moses,

    I am getting church married in Goa in December. The church in Goa says they need a civil marriage certificate. As we are both residents of Mumbai, will the marriage certificate of mantralaya suffice?



  29. What is the difference between Court Marriage in Bandra court and that of Mantralya. As my Travel desk told me that for your wife visa (H4 visa), Court marriage certificate is required


  30. Hi,
    How can i check if Ramesh Dsouza is available, last time i went to Mantralaya he was on leave.
    Is there any away i can get in touch with him to find out if he is back from leaves?

    I have my Church marriage certificate and just need him to attest it.


  31. Hi Moses,

    I just Wanted to Thank you for giving me this Detailed Information with which i got my Marriage Registration worked out with no Problem at All…it was all Pretty Smooth and Easy
    Just 1 more Question…I need to Change my Wife’s Name…just wanted to know if it can be done with Ramesh itself…if so how long would it take ??

    Thanking you Once again
    – Joel

    • Hi Joeal,

      Congrats for you marriage, no need to go in for name changes. Directly apply for a bank account with the help of this certificate.

      or passport name change, attach this certificate.



  32. I have been married for twelve years. My marriage is registered in the church records. It is posisble to have it registered in court as well now. If, so what is the procedure.

    • Hi Coleen,

      I would suggest you, to get your marriage certificate attested in court thought a lawyer.

      It would be difficult to again get married after 12 years.

      The lawyer will draft affidavit and domicile certificate and get those church documents attested in court.

      Post that those doc will be official docs.


      Moses Gomes

  33. I got married in 1985 at manglore ,
    and want to get a court marriage certificate .As that is required for getting a family status with my husband.
    what are the steps for that.I stay at vasai.
    could you help me with that.

    Kindly reply…
    Rosy rebello

    • Hi Rosy,

      I have mentioned above the method.

      If you stay in vasai, then can try to meet Mr. Peter Sequeria. He is a lawyer and experienced on marriage related matters.


      Moses Gomes

  34. Hi,

    I am a Hindu converted to christianity and my fiancee is a christian guy.Both of us can get baptism certifcates from our respective churches

    I can produce PAN card/ration card/elec bill as my proof.

    In his case however he has a PAN card, a passport(address is of kerela). he is staying here in bbay as a PG and doesnt have a rental agreement. What can he show as his address proof. Can we get married with his address as from kerela?

    He has a vodafone bill with billing address same as mine, can that do, else he has bank statements which come to his PG address.

    Please advise.

  35. hi
    I am a citizen of Australia,of indian background, i have applied for divorce in melbourne.My boyfriend is living in dubai, he is married in the catholic church in mumbai,his wife says that she will never give him a divorce, is it necessary to get a church annulment before we get married in the court.we have no intention of marrying in the catholic church.does immigration require church marriage certificate.please help me,dont understand the rules clearly regarding church and court marriage.
    thankyou sandy

    • Hi Sandy,

      There are some rules pertaining to marriage in India and Australia which I am unaware of. You need to check the rules with some lawyer and go ahead.

      Sorry can’t help you on this front.



  36. Hi! this is Allwin Lobo from mumbai. I’ve a problem with my name spelled in marriage & birth certificate.
    I did my church marriage on 15th May’10 & intend to do court marriage very soon however the name spelled in all my educational certificates & professional documents like passport, pancard is ‘ALLWIN LOBO’ which is the correct name.
    The name available in my birth & church marriage certificate is ‘ALWYN LOBO’ which is incorrect.
    Just 6 months before I moved from mangalore to mumbai so do not have my name listed in the ration card. Since, I am not residing in mangalore anymore my name has been deleted from mangalore ration card and they have given me a certificate for that.
    Can you suggest me what are the necessary documents to be produced for the court marriage in this case?
    Please help me out.
    Awaiting your reply.

    Allwin Lobo

  37. Hi! Moses,

    This is allwin. I hope you’ve read the text I sent you couple of days back. Please revert back to me at the earliest.

    Awaiting for your reply.

    Allwin Lobo

  38. Hi Allwin,

    I would suggest you to change you name on the marriage and birth certificate as you require your baptism certificate for court marriage.

    Else theres no problem. You can go ahead and meet Mr. Ramesh Dsouze for the forms

  39. Hi Moses,

    Read the comments above,needed your help with my case,im a roman catholic and my fiancee is a maharashtrian i am working in kuwait,whats the procedure for us,is it ok if she goes and submit the forms and details to mr.ramesh, is it neccesary for my signature on the form as well. as for my address proff will the passport copy be enough. as we plan on getting regiestered married in august 2010.please need your help.


    • Hi Lionel,

      It is necessary for your signatures on the forms, else you cannot submit.

      Sorry coudnt reply as I was out of town for a long time.



  40. Hi Moses,

    I have a contradictory statement here. This is only in terms of Maharashtra, not sure about other states.

    When we get court married in the church there are 3 files that you sign on. One of the files that you sign on goes to the court to get your marraige registered. If you would like to get married in the court separately (If you need the certificate sooner) then you have an option while doing the documentations of the church to select whether you would like yourself to get registered in court via church or separately. The certificates can then be obtained after a certain period of time.

    If we do not inform the church wether you want to get registered separately prior to your church marraige or not, your file would be sent to the registration (I beleive it goes to Pune for all churches in Maharashtra) and you get yourself court married separately, it would be considered as double marraige (wether you are court married to the same person or not). Getting registered twice without a dicorce is considered as illegal and hence is a crime.

    This is been informed to be by the church during the marraige preparation course where the church documentations and working was explain by a church personnel.

    Would need your clarification on this or fact verification

    Thanks and regards,

  41. Hi Dominic,

    Thanks for the information.

    But I believe that only 2 to 3 churches in Mumbai district follow this process of registeration e.g. Irla church is one such church I know who follows.

    Almost 80% churches don’t have any idea of court marriages (proof: the long list of queries on this post, itself will give an idea). Even when conducting pre-marriage seminars the faculty don’t have any idea, they pass on the buck to the respective churches. And the churches think that the certificate isssued is valid.

    And this was the main reason why I uploaded this post.

    Some how this information should reach the pre-marriage councellors.



  42. Hi ,

    I just wanted to know,is it necessary to have catholic witnesses as well or would non catholics also do if you don’t have any family members around.


  43. Hi Moses,
    This is Savio from Goa.I and my fiancee are both goans and want to get married in Mumbai,could you please help me out in the relevant documents needed for court marrige in mumbai and it would be of great help if you provide me with some idea on the procedure also.

  44. Hi Moses,

    I am Joseph a proper Roman Catholic from Mumbai residing in Dubai and my to be fiancee Charlottee is from Goa also in Dubai.

    I was earlier married in 1989 in a Mumbai church but my wife expired three year later with cancer. The problem is the church till date mentions my past marriage details in the Baptism certificate, which I need to process my current marriage.

    I would like to know if there is any way I could remove my past marriage from my Baptism certificate as I do not want it to affect my current marriage with Charlotte.
    Could this be done by court or counslate marriage ?
    Please help and advise

  45. Hi Moses,

    The form whicih we fill with Mr. Ramesh, i think is actually a MARRIAGE NOTIFICATION FORM. (COURT MARRAIGE)

    On account of which we get two marriage date:
    1) Church Marriage Date
    2) Court Marriage Date.

    In my case, I already got married in Church in Jan 2010.
    I want to know, is it possible to Register the Marriage so that i can have the same marriage date in Legal Marriage Register as well as Church Marraige Register.

    Because except for Us Christain, all other have same marraige date.

    Kindly rectify me, if Im wrong, and provide me a suggestion to solve this issue (same marraige Date).

    Please help and advise

  46. Hello
    my name is lucas i have been married in church 9years ago no court marriage in mumbai. My wife is a non chatolic. my wife is leadin her own life.she says she wants a divorce but keeps changin her mind every 4 months we dont live together either for the last 1.5 year. She seems to be enjoying her life and i provide her monthly maintainance.

    Can i still go ahead with a court marriage in mumbai.

  47. Hi,
    I and my Bf are Roman catolics and 23 years old. My boyfriend is in Dubai, and we wanna get married in court so that i can move to be with him. Can you help me with procedure n documents?
    can i register and inform him abt the date so that he can come down only to get married?

    I met Mr. Dsouza last week but due to lack of days of notice our marriage did not get registered. I need help with documents as he said he needs baptism certificates/confirmation certificates.

    Pls help.


  48. Hi Moses,

    Pls help me understand the procedure for court marriage, We both are from navi mumbai and are planning on a court marriage before we can solemnize the same in church as he is working in uae and wants me to move there too.


  49. lobo,
    I am a roman catholic but my fiancee is non catholic staying in vasai, want to have court marriage,can it be done in mantralaya,what is the procedure,we are planning to have it in bandra, is there any difference.

  50. Hi Sheryl,

    Iam a roman catholic boy from Mira Rd and iam marrying a Roman catholic Girl from Pune . She is divorced and waiting for her annullment letter. She has received the divorce certificate from the pune court.

    Can we do a court marriage
    While submitting the documents do we both need to be present as currently iam in banglore and she is pune. can one of us be present or our family members be present to submit the documents.

  51. Hi

    I want to knw.. how many days its takes for court marriage.. n is it necessary to submit .. church wedding certificate..As we planng for a court marriage first n then church wedding….

    pls do let me knw .. thxs alot


  52. Hi Moses,

    I got court married on 30th December 2009 at the mantralaya through Mr. D’souza and one month later I decided that this marriage would just not work as my husband has a drinking problem.

    I want to file for a divorce as we have not had a church wedding. We haven’t lived together either.

    I have approached a lawyer who told me I would have to wait a year to go ahead with this. It’s been a year and now apparently I have been told I need to wait for one more year. I cannot afford that so please, If you have any information you can supply me with I will be thoroughly grateful.


    • Hi,

      You will have to go to family court in bandra and check out for information.

      Even I dont have detail information on this issue.



  53. hi i just want to know that to ge married in the court is it necessary to produce the marriage course certificate also as we will be doing the course bt next month and plan to get married before that date

    Please do let me know


  54. Hello Moses,

    I wanted to knw whether it is compulsory to do court marriage before getting married in the church , or if you can get married in the church and then court marriage. I am getting married in may. I have heard that if one of the partner is working abroad you have to do court marriage before getting married in the church, is it so? I saw ur replies given on this site, and mentioning Mr. Ramesh Dsouza who helps in doing court marriage. I stay in Kanjur marg, wanted to know if you need a lawyer to do this or we can collect the form from Mr. Ramesh and complete the formalities and do court marriage.

    Please help.

    Maria Dmello

  55. Hi Maria,

    U can do the court marriage formailities by yourself, no need to hire a lawyer.

    Also you can get married before or after your church marriage, as church marriage is not legal.



    • Hello Moses,

      Thank you so much for your reply.

      You have mentioned the name of Mr. Ramesh F D’souza, 2nd floor, Finance Dept, Mantralaya. The forms are available between 2:00pm to 4:30pm. Do i need to collect the form from Mr. Ramesh D’souza or any one in that particular dept. who does court registration.

      Thank you once again.

      Maria Dmello

  56. Hi,

    A friend of mine had done the attestation of my marriage certificate by Fr. Dominic (Chancellor) in 2009. And he mentioned that he had gone to Mantralaya also.

    But there is no attestation by Ramesh D’souza, but there is a stamp mentioning that “This marriage is a Registered Civil Marriage”.

    Is this enough, or i still need the attestation to be done.

    Can you supply an email address, so that I can send a scanned copy of the attestation.


  57. Hi Moses,

    Good Afternoon.

    Myself and my wife, both are Roman Catholics, got married in our native (Tamilnadu) on May 2009.

    Now, we need marriage certificate within a month to process my wife’s visa.

    Could you please help me with the procedure and the fees applicable for the same?

    Thanks and Regards,
    John Jebastin

    • Hi Moses,

      From the previous posts, I came to know that following are the documents required,

      Birth certificate – My wife has, I do not have. Whether Transer certificate / SSC marksheet is applicable?

      Ration card – My wife has (her name not yet removed from her family ration card). I do not have. Whether any other certificate is applicable? Or I have an affidavit stating that I stay at along with my wife and their parents. Whether this is satisfactory?

      Electricity bill/telephone bill/address proof – Whether passport copy is ok for this?

      PAN card/ photo id proof – We both have.

      Please assist me.

      Thanks and Regards,
      John Jebastin

      • Hi,

        Bapitism certificate is required, and all the other details are required. And even if they are of your native village they vl do.



  58. HI..please check this answer by a registered indian lawyer.

    It says if church follows the rule according to Indian Law then we can get a legal certificate

    below is the detail on that link

    In India, if the copy of the Church Marriage Certificate has been sent to the Registrar General of Births, Deaths and Marriages as per the legal requirement then this Church Marriage Certificate has legal validity.
    In case of India all Christian Marriages are covered under the Indian Christian Marriage Act,1872, Section 27 of the Act provides :- Marriages when to be registered. — All marriages thereafter solemnized in India between persons one or both of whom professes or profess the Christian religion, except marriages solemnized under Part V or Part VI of this Act shall be registered in manner hereinafter prescribed.
    Section 30. of the Act provides: – Registration and returns of marriages solemnized by Clergymen of Church of Rome. — Every marriage solemnized by a Clergyman of the Church of Rome shall be registered by the person according to the form directed in that behalf by the Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese or Vicariate in which such marriage is solemnized,

    and such person shall forward quarterly to the Registrar-General of Births, Deaths and Marriages returns of the entries of all marriages registered by him during the three months next preceding.

    So as you see that if this proper procedure has been followed by the Church for maintaining proper record & issuing of marriage certificate & ultimately sending a copy of the same to the Registrar General of Births, Deaths and Marriages, so go & inquire from the Church authorities where you got married if the given procedure has been followed by the Church in getting the Christian marriage solemnized in the Church registered by the Registrar of the District where it was solemnized & a record was then sent to the Registrar General of Births, Deaths and Marriages, if they tell you yes all this is being followed then your such marriage certificate has legal validity & recognition of being certificate of registration of Christian Marriage in India. For the purpose of traveling visa or immigration for any foreign country, the Marriage Certificate would be required to be Apostillised first, so carry out the process of Apostillisation of this Marriage Certificate first then use it for any such visa or immigration purposes. In Apostillisation all documents should be first authenticated by the designated agencies in the State from where the document has been issued. In case of personal documents like birth, death, affidavits, power of attorneys, marriage etc, Home Department/General Administration Department are the designated authorities. In case of educational documents like degree, diplomas, matriculation and secondary level certificates, State Governments have now opened Regional Authentication Centers (RACs) at various States from where the document should first be attested. Documents attested by these authorities then need to be presented to MEA for issue of Apostilles. Documents attested by these authorities then need to be presented to MEA for issue of Apostilles at Ministry of External Affairs at CPV Division, Patiala House New Delhi. Once the Apostille stickers of Rs50/- is affixed each on all these documents you can use them for VISA/Immigration purposes. This is the latest legal position with regard to any such document w.e.f. August 29, 2007.

    • Hi Dominic,

      I agree with all your points, but none of the church officials have answered me anything on this.



  59. Hi,

    Our Baptism certificate date of birth & first name(spelling) are not matched with our educational certificate. The other relevant documents like Passport, Driving Licence etc are based on the educational certificate.

    We both are roman catholic and got married in delhi church, but the marriage certificate issued by the church is based on the baptism certificate.

    Now we want our marriage registration based on our educational certificate, which will be helpful for visa verification as well as change the surname of my wife for future prospective.

    We have talked with Mr. R.T. D’souza, who is handling the registration of christian marriage, but have no answer on this issue. Is there any legal process. Need guidance urgently.


  60. Hi, Sir i and my wife are residing in dubai we got married in 2004 and have not yet registered our marriage certificate is it possible that we can register our marriage certificate here in dubai

    • Hi Vinod,

      I am sorry, since have no clue about how shud u register in Dubai. But as far as my information goes, if you got married in India, then you have to legally register that in India itself.



  61. Hi Moses,
    I have got my marriage certificate attested at the Archbishop house today and then went to Mantralaya to meet Mr Ramesh D’souza, but he did not report to office. Is there any back up person , or how to be sure he is in office since i have to travel from Malad

    Thomas Saldanha

  62. Hi Thomas,

    The other backup person is Mr. Ashish lopes, but mostly during May season the courts are close, so difficult to get people.

    You can alternatively call the mantrayalaya landline no and speak to any of these people.



  63. Hi,

    I am married since Feb 2006, now i am facing some issues regarding name change (post marriage surname).I have been advised to get married again (civil marriage) please suggest, which is a better option go to Bandra court or Mantralaya.Should i also get my church marriage certificate attested at the Bishop house. Is it required ? Kindly help.

    Thanks ,

  64. hi i have been married to a protestian man in 1986 in bandra court in front of the judge but after that they told us to register our marriage but at that time my husband did not have enough money to register so he told that we will register later but since25 years he has not registered is our marriage illegal or legal kindly help

    • Hi,

      Your marriage is illegal under the court. But if you have any documents like pan card, bank account or passport. You can legalise your marriage. As 25 yrs back thr were not such hard and fast rule to register the marriage. But do get in touch with Mr. Dsouza, as he can guide you on the matter.



  65. Hi ,

    We got married in the year 2000, and due to some reason or the other, never got a chance to get our church certificate attested by the Marriage Registrar – Mantralaya and hence for all official purposes had to make a marraige affidavit.

    We called Mr. Gomes today and as per his guidance, went to the Archbishop House at Woodhouse, opp. All India Lawn Tennis Association, Colaba. There we met Msgr. William Nazareth (the sister at the reception will guide). He attested the certificate immediately and gave us the name and address of Mr. Ramesh Dsouza at Mantralaya. We went immediately to Mantralaya, took a gatepass (ID proof compulsory) and waited in a queue to enter inside since they are open only between 2:00pm to 5:00pm. There we went to the 3rd floor office of Mr. Dsouza, he immediately signed on the backside of the church marriage certificate and directed us to Mr. Sawant on the same floor, who in turn stamped the seal of Govt. of Maharashtra, Marriage Registrar, and we were told that the certificate is now valid for all government and official purposes.

    This whole purpose does not require any payment to be made at any place.

    Thanks to Mr. Moses Gomes for the guidance and wonderful blog.

    Hope this helps.


    • Thank you very much for this detailed blog post. My parents were only married in the Church at Mumbai (1982) but they needed a civil marraige certificate to register their marriage in Portugal. Following these step, the church marriage certificate was considered a valid government document and my parents marriage was registered in Portugal a couple of days back. Thank you very much !!

  66. Dear Sir,

    Myself J.M Nadar basically a R.C Christian, Now m in love with a hindu girl and to marry her. Can i get mey marriage at mantrlay with the help of ramesh Dsouza. Pls guide. I have very limited time. within this month i want to do all this.

  67. Hello sir,

    I Am a RC living in bhayander which comes under thane district. I got married last december and now i wanted to do a court marriage, as you must be already aware that the church marriage certificate is not treated as a legal document and hence we need to go thourgh a court marriage for the same.

    As mentioned in the above post is Mr. Ramesh Dsouza at Mantralaya authorized to sign and put the government seal for citizens of thane district also or is it limited to only mumbai citizens. If so can you guide me where and how do i go about with the procedure for the court marriage for citizens of thane district.

    Thanks & Regards,

  68. Hello Sir,

    Praise the lord, I am in love with the a girl which is non christian, both the parties are ready for the weeding but as per the hindu style, i have a Q: Can a non christian girl can get married in church without converting?

  69. Hi,

    I got married in church in Feb 2007. Only thing I have is the church marriage certificate. Need to know if the marriage is legally recognized and registered, or if not, what do I need to do next?

    Appreciate your assistance.


    E. Fernandes

    • Hi Mr. Fernandes,

      You will need to register it archbishops house in colaba, ( have explained this procedure in the comments. Post that get it attested with Mr. Ramesh Dsouza. as church marriage certificate is not vaild.








    • Hi Wilfred,

      If Mr. Ramesh Dsouza has signed and entered the details of your marriage in the mantralaya register, then you shouldn’t face any problems.

      But in case u do face, please get a written letter from that government dept, informing that this certificate is not valid. Post that u can submit this certificate to Mr. Ramesh Dsouza, who can guide you or he can then intimate the foreign affairs ministry about it.



  71. Hi Moses,
    I am a Roman Catholic and will be marrying a Protestant, will i be able to get married in a RC church. Also , would like to get a registered marriage done in August, the church wedding is in Dec. Is it possible. Please do let me know the procedure. My fiance has been baptised.

    • Hi Sharon,

      For church marriage u need to take permission from that particular church. As for the legal procedures, both of you can get married in mantralaya, if both are citizens of India and have crossed marriageable age. Have explained the procedures above, please refer.



  72. Hi Moses,

    I am christian protestant and in a living relation with the man who is Hindu and have 3 children. I am with him since 15 years .I now m in love with another man who wants to get marry with me and excepts my kids too . so please let me know if i can go for court marriage ,Are they going to come for verification at my place?? I want to know the procedure.

    Reply me soon.
    Thank you ,

  73. Hi Moses!

    My Fiance and I are getting married in November this year. However, my fiance may be going on a project to the US in the next month. In order to avoid the delay in me going to the US post our marriage in court, we plan to get married in the court in the coming days so as to enable me to process my Visa papers. Request you to please guide us accordingly. Also would request you to please throw some light on the following :
    1) which marriage date will be applicable officially and also
    2) what will be the process once we get married in church in November. Also would like to know how to resolve the following:
    3) My Baptism name is my name, my middle name & my Surname However, in all my other official documents my name is my name, my Father’s name & my Surname. How will this be resolved cos I think ion the church my name will be registered with ” my name, my middle name & my Surname” as per my Baptism Certificate. Will this be a problem when I get married in Chruch in November due to the difference in my name? …
    Thank you in adbance for your help!.. God Bless you for the good work you are doing…

  74. Hi Moses,

    Quick question. I’m getting married in December (Church), however i have a particular date i want which is in November. Ive read most of the comments and it states that i need to register and meet Mr. D’Souza, however my major concern is as follows. My fiance works in the Merchant Navy and will be here in Oct. How do i go about this now?
    Could you please help??


  75. Hello!!
    Nice to see such a forum!
    I am a NRI marrying a foreign national. We are both residents in the UAE.
    We want to get court married this october in bombay. Both catholics.
    As we will only be coming to bombay for 10 days at the end of October, I was wondering you could help me gather all the required documents or fill up any forms in advance.
    Is it possible to also submit the forms now (from the UAE) and fix a date for october to register?
    My fiance has already acquired a no objection certificate from his embassy.
    Would you happen to know what the procedure/requirements are in our case?
    Your assistance is highly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance 🙂

    • Hi,

      I would advice you to check with Indian embassy in UAE, as they are in better position to suggest you in this case. Once you get the necessary approvals/papers signed, we can try to courier you the forms, which you can fill and once you reach mumbai, submit the forms and get a date within seven days for your court marriage.



  76. Hi,
    Just would like to know if i get civil married in mumbai Court, can i get church married in Goa. My fiance is British and i reside in Mumbai.
    Appreciate if you could help with the best way to get married in goa church.

  77. Hi Pimenta,

    Sure, you can get married in Goa, post you court marriage in Mumbai. But if your fiance is a british citizen, then the process will change. She will first have to check with UK Embassy. Once you have filled the necessary papers, then you can get married in indian court. Else check at bandra court, located near bandra station east.



  78. Thanks Moses, have checked the documentation required for Court marriage at bandra court , thats been sorterd out. I was more keen to know if the civil certifcate in Mumbai will be vaild in Goa or will that not be accepted? thank you.

    Also would it be possible to me to get married at the Mantralaya or only at the Bandra court?

  79. Hi my name is Manoj Stanley Baretto and we are getting married in April 14,2012. I just came to know that court marriage is compulsory. I wanted to what are the documents required for a court marriage and we get court married in December. I also wanted to know can we go to bandra court and get the forms for court marriage and get our self registered. Kindly let me know the exact procedure. awaiting for ur reply. Pls mail me at

    • Hi Manoj,

      U can get married in Bandra court but the process take usually 30 to 40 days and is also a costly affair. While Mantralaya process takes only 7 days, but is only for christians in India.
      Both the processes are recogonised by Govt of India.



  80. Hi

    Your forum is really very helpful. I got married in 2009 haven’t registered my marriage in the court yet. To do so i just have to go to Mantralaya and meet Ramesh D’souza right? or do i also have to meet anyone else to get the form attested? please help.

  81. Hi,

    I had a court marriage in 2009 in Mantralaya. I would like to do some changes to the marriage cert like my spouse father’s name. How do I do that and also I am not in India so can my father in law do changes to it ? Thank You

  82. Hi Moses,

    Please email me the required forms to get Court Marriage. I am a Catholic from Mumbai currently living overseas. I feel the forms should be available online to faciliate easy download

    Thanking you


  83. Hi,
    Is this marriage certificate from Mantralaya only for catholics. My fiancee is a non catholic and I am a Malayee Roman Catholic. Can we too follow the procedure you have mentioned above. Please reply.

    Ansu Varghese

  84. Hi My Name is Shweta I did court marriage last year however when applying for passport i showed my marital status “single” My parents are unaware about my marriage And my father has issued me a family visa for kuwait i got PCC cleared and i have to go for my medical test and then visa stamping so will they check my marital status and would there be any problem.Awaiting for your reply

  85. Hello Moses,

    My fiancee and me are working in the US and we are getting married in December 2012. I will be coming to India around 14 days before my church wedding date. Will I be able to get the civil marriage done in those 14 days?

    Also, What documents do I need? Also, since both of us stay outside India, are they any special requirements?


  86. Hello Moses,

    I got married in Mumbai Six months back ,Am I eligible for registration of Marriage in Mantarlya , Since I reside in Dombivili (Thane District ) which comes under Municipality , Kindly advise.



  87. HI,

    We are residents of Mumbai. I would be getting married in November in Goa. However, the Goa church requires a Civil Marriage certificate. So, is it fine if we do the process for obtaining the Civil Marriage certificate in July and submit it to the Goa church? Our wedding will however be in November.


  88. Hi Moses,

    Needed a small advice, i have the mantralaya stamp and Ramesh Dsouza signature but Bishop stamp is missing. Could you let me know whether i need to get the bishop stamp on that for doc to be legal.


  89. hi
    my name is Douglas i am getting married by dec 2012. i want to get court marriage but my girlfriend don’t have ration card or any address proof they live on rent in mumbai so kindly help me with it and also provide with Mantralaya addres it would be very kind of you

  90. Hi Moses,

    Me and my fiancee are planning to marry on 30 dec 2012 at mangalore, At present he is out of india.and we wanted to do a court marriage for legal documentation before getting married in the church.

    do we need to go to the bandra court or to the mantralaya?

    what is the difference in both the places?

    Which of the two is more valid?

    Please help i am confused



    • Hi Lavina. can do it at the Bandra Court. FYI I have done mine in May 2012 this year in Mumbai and it takes about 10-15 days depending on what availible dates are there when you go to book. A lawyer and having a valid passport could speed up the process.
      Once you get this marriage legal document, you can get it attested at Ministry of Affairs near Mantralaya.
      All the best

  91. Hi, I have been Married in Church in December ,2011.I reside at Virar West.Dist-Thane.I have received the Marriage Certificate from the Church and got the same stamped from Bishop House. I have also visited the Notary Mr. Ashish Lopes (Mantralay) Incharge of vasai diocese who has got our certificate stamped from mantralay.I would like to know if the certificate is Valid to apply for Visa for any country e.g Dubai. Also do i have to get my marriage registered with the Vasai-Virar Muncipal Corporation.



  92. Hi moses I am hindu girl,have been married to a catholic boy for 5 yrs,we have a daughter also .we got married at church in vasai. want to registered our marriage through can we do this? can get the certificate from mantralaya.and if you have details about Mr.Peter Sequeira…please post the add.

  93. Hey,

    My Fiancee and me plan to get married in court this year prior to having our nuptials next december. He is currently in the UK and will be here only in Dec. We plan to get married around Dec 15. How do i go about it and is there any specific person i can contact in this regard?

    • Contact Mr Ashish Lopes if one of the parties is Non Christian or Non resident of Maharashtra or Not citizen of India.
      Office Address : Ashish Lopes
      O/o Christian Marriage Registrar
      General Administration Department
      Room No.557Annex, 5th Floor,
      Mantralaya, Backbay Reclamation,
      Churchgate, Mumbai -400032,
      Contact No : 022 22793344

  94. Hi moses

    I want to know the procedure to get married in court what all documents are needed and the fees in urgent basis and want to.knw if there are extra documents needed if i m frm mumbai n person is frm thane district

  95. Hi Moses,

    I got married in Dubai in 2009 and had to leave the U.A.E due to my Job. I am in Mumbai since March 2009 and need to get my marriage registered in Mumbai as I need to get this legalized. Now the advocate I went to says you cannot get a out of country marriage legalized in India. The marriage court I went to in Bandra says I cannot get remarried since I am already married and would be considered as fraud. So need help to know if there is a process to get the Marriage certificate completed in Mumbai or any other process by which I can obtain a legal marriage certificate.

  96. I planning of doing a court marriage 1st and then a church marriage in some months to come. How does it work.Will the church accept if the couple are living together after the court marriage or do we still have to live separate till the church proceedings are done.

  97. Hi Moses,

    I am a protestant from Vasai currently residing in Dubai and my fiancé is a Roman Catholic from Delhi who is in UK right now. We both will be in Mumbai in March and wanted to get married in the court at that time to start the visa process. We will be getting a church wedding done in October later this year. Please advise us if we can get this done at the Mantralaya as we will be there only for 15 days and the Bandra court procedures take more than a month. Also if yes then what documents will be required from our end. Also can my brother who is in Mumbai get the forms for us and register 10 days in advance before we arrive in March so that we can just come there and get married or does one of us need to be physically present for the registration. Please do help us with your valuable counsel. Thanks…


    • one of the partner required to fill the forms and he or she have to signature the forms document required is :- photo id proof ,birth certificate of church,residence proof 2 photograph and 2 witness

  98. Hi Moses,

    We got married in may 2009, and have the church marriage certificate with us. We would like to register our marriage. Please let us know, how we can do that.
    Also is there any penalty to be paid as it is already delayed.

    Shaji & Jessy

  99. Hi,

    My girlfriend is an American, and she will be coming down soon… We are planning to get married when she is here, however she will be here only for 3 weeks and I don’t have a time to provide a month’s notice. How can this be worked out?

    Also I would like to know the document she needs to get?

  100. Hi Moses and Malcolm,

    I got married this year in the month of Jan with a Guy who stays in Kalyan. We both are Roman Catholic. I would like to know that the above registration procedure mentioned by you’ll is applicable for residents from Kalyan, please advise.



  101. Hey,

    I live in the UAE and my boyfriend lives in the USA. We both have families in India and plan to do a court marriage there. But we will be there for just 15 days and either of us won’t be able to submit the marriage forms a month prior. Is there any way we can have a court marriage done on the day itself?

  102. hi moses,
    for age proof :
    my bmc birth certificate has my fathers name wrong.
    my baptism certificate has all correct info
    my school leaving and college leaving certificate, all have my surname as rodricks instead of rodrigues.
    pan card is ok.

    for residential proof.
    now that i am married, my election card shows my married surname
    electricity and telephone bill in my parents name
    bank has my married surname. so should i ask the bank to issue a letter showing my maiden name and address, before they changed it to my married surname and address.
    ration card in my parents name – my name has been cancelled, but not entered yet in my husbands ration card.
    i have a driving licence in my maiden name and address.

    ps. i do not have a passport.

    i want to make my passport after getting the marriage registered, so as to reflect my husbands name and also make my child;s passport.

    thank you for your time and help.

    god bless.
    c. rodrigues

    • C, first go to the local BMC office and correct the birth certificate, then visit your school and college to get the surname corrected. You then need to visit the local Theshildar/Ward office to make corrections to the Ration Card. These should be good to get the Passport.

  103. i am widow having one son and my fiyance he is divorcee but his church anullment case not over. both are Roman catholic. We wish to marry early. please guide us.

  104. Hi Moses. I have a question. I am married in October 2013 in Mantralaya and how long is this marriage certificate valid. As we intended to get married in Dec 2014.

  105. Hi Moses,

    Need to know got married in 2007 is it compulsory to get a court marriage….butt behind the certificate there are some notes witten as per that it is not compulsory.

  106. Just though I’d share this to make it easier for everyone to understand.


    1. Procure your Certificate of Marriage from the Church in which your nuptials were solemnised.

    2. Bring your certificates to be attested first at the ARCHBISHOP’S HOUSE, 21 NATHALAL PARIKH MARG, MUMBAI 400 001 (Landmarks: Close to Holy Name Cathedral, Fort Convent, Cooperage, Sahakari Bhandar, Regal Theatre) Ph Nos: 022 – 22021093/1193/1293
    Timings: Monday to Friday 9.30 a.m. – 1.00 p.m. & 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
    Saturdays between 9.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

    3. This marriage certificate is then to be attested by THE PUBLIC NOTARY. You could contact any public notary available at the courts or MR. N. J. D’MONTE, Advocate & Notary (Cell: 9820068642). He sits at the City Civil Court, near Kalaghoda – Mon – Friday 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.

    4. After this get it stamped by the MARRIAGE REGISTRAR at the MANTRALAYA – His name is MR. RAMESH FRANCIS D’SOUZA, Officer on Special Duty, Finance Dept. 3rd Floor, Rm. No. 340, Mantralaya (Main) Mumbai 32 ( Mob No. 9323587457) between 2.00 p.m. and 5.00 p.m. Please carry valid ID proof to enter the Mantralaya.

    5. Finally get it stamped by the HOME DEPT, which is opp. Mantralaya (New Administrative Wing) on the 9th floor between 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.

    Once this is done, this Certificate could be used in lieu of the CIVIL MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE anywhere in the world.

    This has been taken from :

  107. —- New Update —-


    1. Procure your Certificate of Marriage from the Church in which your nuptials were solemnised.

    2. Bring your certificates to be attested first at the ARCHBISHOP’S HOUSE, 21 NATHALAL PARIKH MARG, MUMBAI 400 001 (Landmarks: Close to Holy Name Cathedral, Fort Convent, Cooperage, Sahakari Bhandar, Regal Theatre) Ph Nos: 022 – 22021093/1193/1293
    Timings: Monday to Friday 9.30 a.m. – 1.00 p.m. & 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
    Saturdays between 9.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

    3. This marriage certificate is then to be attested by THE PUBLIC NOTARY. You could contact any public notary available at the courts or MR. N. J. D’MONTE, Advocate & Notary (Cell: 9820068642). He sits at the City Civil Court, Gate 9, near Kalaghoda – Mon – Friday 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.

    4. After this get it stamped by the MARRIAGE REGISTRAR at the Vidhan Bavan (Opp the Mantralaya) , 1st Floor – His name is MR. RAMESH FRANCIS D’SOUZA, Officer on Special Duty, Finance Dept. 3rd Floor, Rm. No. 340, Mantralaya (Main) Mumbai 32 ( Mob No. 9323587457) between 2.00 p.m. and 5.00 p.m. Please carry valid ID proof to enter the Vidhan Bhavan. (The old location was the Mantralaya which has shifted since a week of posting this)

    5. Finally get it stamped by the HOME DEPT, which is opp. Mantralaya (New Administrative Wing) on the 9th floor between 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.

    Once this is done, this Certificate could be used in lieu of the CIVIL MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE anywhere in the world.

    This has been taken from : and I have personally done this as well.

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